BioEnergy Code is a manifested course that instructs people how to let go of negativity and how can increase inner satisfaction.

Looking for the simple "switch" that quickly unleashes all of your body's bioenergy?

He spoke of a time when healing and balancing the chakras was not as slow as an elephant...but fast and powerful like a jungle tiger. Now, this shift from slow to fast is possible through the most up-to-date neurological brainwave programming...combined with guided meditations and powerful visualizations from traditional chakra teachings.

As one simple audio track, the results are mind-blowing. This synergistic combination of ancient techniques and modern technologies is like a switch that instantly clears AND aligns all your bioenergy...

✔ Phase 1: Called "Welcome the Energy".

✔ Phase 2: The BioEnergy Code is the "Foundational Energy".

✔ The 3rd Phase: Focuses on "Relational Energy".

✔ Phase 4th: Focuses on optimizing your "Personal Power" Energy.

✔ Phase 5th: Targets your "Heart Energy".

✔ The 6th Phase: Focuses on "Expression Energy".

✔ 7th Phase of the BioEnergy Code: Your "Intuition Energy" is the focus of the.

✔ Phase 8th: Takes you to the top of your head with a focus on "Oneness Energy".

✔ The 9th and The Final Phase: Is called "Power Extension".

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