7K Metal Wealth Autopilot True Review: Is it a scam or legit?

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MLM is known as network marketing or Multi-level Marketing. You build a network with people who buy goods or services through you or someone else, and when they (your network) sell a product or service to another person, you/someone will get some commission from that sale they make. It is also known as a pyramid scheme.

What Is Pyramid Scheme Or MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

Most people who know about pyramid schemes think they are frauds or bad for investment. One-third of them have no idea how it works. Most people think of a pyramid scheme as a scam, but many don't realize that pyramid schemes or that mutual funds are designed to be pyramids. In these cases, though, we can take advantage of them when we know how pyramid schemes work. What are the risks or winning factors? After that, we can take action to try to mitigate these risks while still investing.

The pyramid scheme compensation plan is based on recruiting others to be active members and also focusing on selling products through them, and you get a bonus that they have sold. The more recruits who are recruited into your downline, the higher amount of commissions you can make. Pyramid schemes operate by getting investors to use other investors' money.

In this review, We'll show you precisely what is MLM and 7KWealth Autopilot (7K Metals). And justify some facts about them, then you will decide Whether you should buy them or not.

Do You Need Any Prior Experience To Work In An MLM Company?

Apparently not. Before you enroll in any multi-level marketing company, you don't need anything except specific skills. It would help if you had to be confident and enjoy meeting new people, of course, but also the ability to talk in front of a large group. You'll need patience because even if the business is going well, it will take time for your products or services to gain popularity. And if your success relies heavily on recruiting new people for the company's team, you'll need an outgoing personality with a persuasive streak.

Best MLM Companies In 2022

In terms of MLM companies, there are many things to consider. One specialty in private labeled products and luxury essentials is Equinox International. SynerGenix GPX Weight Loss Accelerator produces eco-friendly hair care, cosmetics, and skincare and has a robust line of products for weight loss organic products for women. On the other hand, 7K Metals is all about precious metals - such as platinum and gold coins and various coins like Canadian Maple Leafs or Krugerrands.

Pros And Cons Of MLM (Multi Level Marketing)

There have some advantages and disadvantages to every single thing. So MLM also has some good sides and drawbacks. So here are those -


  • Entrepreneurs can benefit from MLM.

  • Entrepreneurs can benefit from MLM.

  • You can work whenever you want; it doesn't require business hours.

  • Improves the development of communication skills.

  • You Get Paid for Other People's Work

  • You are free to work on your schedule.

  • They provide training and marketing materials.

  • You Can Work with Established Companies.


  • It takes time to establish yourself.

  • The slow rate of growth.

  • Disappointment and rejection.

  • Inadequate sales training and support.

  • Joining available from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Ireland, Mexico

What Are 7k Metals

Have you ever heard of 7K Metals? It's one of those MLM companies that's been making hype online; 7K Wealth Autopilot claims that they are one of the biggest MLM companies in the US. Here's my review of the company and my findings from interviewing some of its affiliates. Is 7K Metals the next big thing in network marketing? Read to find out!

The precious metal producer 7K Metals recently announced the launch of its MS70 Silver coin, claiming it to be the most elite investment opportunity in network marketing history. Priced starting at $50 each, affiliates get going that may either buy these coins or sponsor other affiliates and earn a commission, which capped out at $4,000 per month. Is this company the next big thing in network marketing? By looking at their review, let's find out what this program offers and how it works.

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Who Established 7k Metal Wealth Autopilot

According to the 7K wealth autopilot website, the 7K Metals company was formed by Zach Davis, Richard Hansen, and Josh Anderson in 2016 to "better the lives of people all over the world" and to help people "understand the major secrets that have been keeping them from creating wealth with gold and silver." Gold and Silver have historically been passed down from generation to generation. Still, a new way was needed, with only 10% of Americans owning any form of precious Metal. Gold and Silver buying is a long-term and far better investment than saving money. Zach Davis and his team at 7K Metals understand this need for transparency and began offering MS70 Silver Coins stamped with their logo.

7K Metals is an MLM company established in Idaho that focuses on precious metals. That was in November 2016, but what does the company stand for now, and how does it compare to other ways to invest in Gold or Silver? The initial market for the product buyers who wanted an investment product without paying commission fees. Josh Anderson, Sam Cooks, Zach Davis, and Richard Hansen are the founders of 7K Metals. As a college student, Zach Davis discovered the potential of referral marketing. At 21, Josh Anderson received his first taste of networking, and he could assemble a vast crew that specialized in the success of others. That team contacted nearly 18,000 people in its first year to join him.

In 2008, Josh Anderson influenced a new MLM company 2008 and grew to 9,000 people in 120 days, at which point Josh became the company's CEO and led it to over 26,000 distributors. Davis and Josh Anderson co-founded Black Ink International, a training company, in 2011. Josh Anderson claims to have been the CEO of JD Premium from 2009 until 2011.

How 7K Wealth Autopilot (7K Metal ) Works

7K Metal affiliates can earn commissions when they purchase precious metals or sponsor other affiliates. There's some speculation that the commissions are driven mainly by recruiting and building downlines. Some speculate that commissions are driven by recruitment and upselling. Known as a pyramid scheme. Multi-level marketing, or MLM, is one of the most effective ways to make money on autopilot (7K Metal). 7K Metal Wealth Autopilot teaches you how to be successful with this strategy without selling pills and potions to your family and friends. On the other hand, Gold and Silver are valuable products people are interested in investing in.

Honestly, MLMs are notorious for having low transparency and questionable business practices. But no one will ever tell you that you can earn a bunch of money through the proper channel of the 7k metal wealth autopilot pyramid scheme. However, you can join some legitimate multi-level marketing companies like 7K metal that offer multimedia marketing that you can do from your home. 7kmetal and 7k Wealth Autopilot systems are the most successful examples of this type of business.

Is 7k Wealth Autopilot Good For Women?

The 7k Metal (weight autopilot Network)is the most profitable MLM for women. Wealth system autopilot simplifies pyramid marketing and prioritizes your most beneficial interests. With binary compensation, you can earn up to four levels deep, so with the MLM; you can earn up to $100k per year. Now, this is a guaranteed way for women to create their stream of income from home or anywhere!

Why Do You Need To Invest In Silver And Gold? 

The 7k Metal (weight autopilot Network)is the most profitable MLM for women. Wealth system autopilot simplifies pyramid marketing and prioritizes your most beneficial interests. With binary compensation, you can earn up to four levels deep, so with the MLM; you can earn up to $100k per year. Now, this is a guaranteed way for women to create their stream of income from home or anywhere!

High Value and Demand 

Silver and Gold are valuable metals that will always be in shorter supply. They're used for much more than only jewelry and Gold coins; they also manufacture computer parts, medical equipment, and consumer goods.

High Demand Low Supply

Gold and Silver are limited in supply. Because Silver and Gold cannot be created, they can only produce by mining, and mining takes six months to 1 year or more to extract raw Gold and Silver. Not only this, there are lots of issues connected with it. For example, where to remove those materials that countries economic factors, social issues, environmental issues, etc. These problems and limited supply make Gold and silver precious, valuable metals.

The Global Value

Some assets are only valuable in their surroundings or, per say, locally. Consider real land as an example. Silver and Gold have a global value, and investors can expect to receive the same amount of money for their precious metals regardless of where they are in the world.

This increases financial security and allows investors to travel freely around the world.

How much 7K wealth autopilot costs?

You can pay $250 a year or $10 per month (with a $75 one-time cost). Which, in my perspective, is quite pricey! Especially considering this does nothing but allow you to access their items. Then, after paying the fee, you'll be able to acquire their items, which (as indicated below) range in price from roughly $46.27 to a whopping $38,728.70. Apart from that, when someone approaches to make money with 7K Metals is to buy precious metals as they expect these metals' value will increase in the future, at which point you may re-sell and profit. When you are a member of the 7K wealth autopilot, you will discover that this isn't the "true" way to make money with the program, and you'll be urged to participate in their referral scheme, which is a multi-level marketing program.

The person who referred you he/she will also push you into this because he or she will get a share of the commissions you make (assuming that you manage to generate any). Thus it's in their best interest for you to start recruiting others. But I'll explain everything below. Apart from that, one approach to make money with 7K Metals is to buy precious metals you may expect to rise shortly, at which point you may re-sell and profit. As a new member of the 7K wealth autopilot, you will discover that this is the "true" way to make money with the program, and you'll be urged to participate in their referral scheme, which is a multi-level marketing program.

Product Brief List Of 7k Wealth Autopilot

Here are some product lists (not all of them are included) of 7K wealth autopilot -

» James Bond 1 oz Silver Bar. $27.99 USD

» American Silver Eagle 1 oz Silver Common Date. USD 34.34

» MS70 Silver Coin Classic Version USD 55.98

» The Awakening Infinity 2 oz Silver Round 2022. USD 58.00

» MS70 Silver Eagle Mint State Coin USD 68.99

» Special Shapes Sailboat 1/2 g Gold Coin BU. USD 99.99

» Special Shapes Sea Turtle 1/2 gram Gold Coin BU Common Date. USD 99.99

» Special Shapes Four Leaf Clover 1/2 gram Gold Coin Common Date. USD 99.99

» Big City Lights New York 1/2 gram Gold Coin PF70 2022. USD 129.99

» Isle of Man 1-64 Noble 1/2 gram Gold Coin PF70 2022. USD 134.99

» Journey to the West Sun Wukong 1/2 gram Gold Coin PF70 2020. USD 129.99

» Pope Franciscus 1/2 oz Silver Coin BU 2014. USD 129.99

» Valcambi 2.5 gram Gold Bar BU. USD 168.28

» Nadir 10 oz Silver Bar. USD 264.90

» PAMP 2.5 gram Gold Bar BU. USD 166.47

» Cataclysms Series Earthquake 1 oz Silver Coin MS70 2017. USD 199.99

» Miles Standish Abraham Lincoln 1oz Silver Coin PF70 2022. USD 229.99

» Famous Chinese Warriors Sima Yi 2 oz Silver Coin MS70 2021. USD 329.99

» Famous Explorers Zheng He 2 oz Silver Coin MS70 2020. USD 329.99

» Great Commanders Leonidas 2 oz Silver Coin MS70 2019. USD 329.99

» Assassins Gold Plating Knights Templar 2 oz Silver Coin MS70 2021. USD 349.99

» Legacy of the Pharaohs Antique finishes 3 oz Silver MS69 2022. USD 389.99

» Heroines Hua Mulan 2 oz Silver Coin MS70 2021. USD 399.99

» Father of the Gods Zeus 3 oz Silver Coin PF70 2022. USD 479.99

» Egyptian Symbols II Bastet 3 oz Silver Coin MS70 2021. USD 519.99

» Cyborg Revolution Alien 3 oz Silver Coin PF70 2021 $699.99 USD

» American Eagle 1 oz Gold Coin Common Date. $1,974.09 USD

» American Buffalo 1 oz Gold Coin Common Date. $1,974.09 USD

» 14K Gold 10mm Comfort Curb Bracelet. $2,750.00 USD

» Legacy of the Pharaohs 1 oz Platinum PF69 2022. $2,799.99 USD

» Real Heroes Fighter Pilot 1 oz Gold Coin PF69 2020. USD 4,349.99

» Real Heroes Fighter Pilot 5 oz Gold Coin PF69 2020. $19,999.99 USD

» 1 Kilo Generic Gold Bar. $56,696.21 USD

7k Metal Wealth Autopilot Benefit And Other Facilities For Members

Wealth Autopilot provide some extra benefit for their members. Those are -

» 7K Metals affiliates buy precious metals or sponsor other affiliates to receive a commission.

» 7K wealth autopilot plan structure commissions inside 7K metals.

» Group or downline members can fill a binary position directly or indirectly.

» 7K Metals commissions are earned on subscription fees measured using points: Standard affiliate ($249 per year) buy produces 100 points.

» Premier affiliate ($499 per year) purchasing makes 150 points.

» The purchase of coins by recruited affiliates earns you 20 points (cited as an ordinary amount).

7k Metal Wealth Autopilot (Product) Comes With: 

1. Silver or Gold coin ( Based on which one you purchase)

2. Coin Holder Box

3. They sell jewelry like pendants and fine jewelry, while they offer several in their showroom.

4. Bar of Gold and Silver

If you've read this far, you're probably not just interested in the products.

You seek the 7K Metal Wealthy Autopilot income possibility.

7k Metal Wealth Autopilot (Product) Comes With

There are Five category are determined by 7k metal, See which are those -


(at least two MLM reward qualifying affiliates must be recruited and maintained, one for each side of the 50-50 team) - $250 - $500 weekly commission limitation.


(at least four MLM commission eligible associates (two should have been Associate), divided 2 on every side of the binary team) - $500 - $1000 weekly commission limits.


(at least 6 MLM commission eligible associates (two should have been Copper), three on every sides of the split team) - $1000 - $2000 weekly compensation maximum.


(at least 9 MLM commission eligible associates (two of which should qualify as Bronze), divided 5 members/associates on each side) monthly $2000 - $3500 commission limitation.


(at most 16 MLM compensation eligible affiliates (two should have been Silver), eight upon every side of both the binary team) $5000 - $7000 weekly commission limit.

There are also Trump Gold and Silver plated coins available.

The percentage applicable for the 7k Wealth Autopilot

Associate – 83.37%

Copper – 11.95%

Bronze – 3.13%

Silver – 1.24%

Gold – 0.28%

Executive Gold – 0.02%

Presidential Gold – N/A

Member Recruitment Of 7k Wealth Autopilot

1. You must be above 18+ older.

2. Become a legal permanent resident with the legal authority to sign into the 7k Agreement in the United States, US Provinces, or any other countries where 7k is officially open for business.

3. 7K Online requires a verified 7K Independent Affiliate Registration and Contract.

4. Must citizen of United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Ireland, Mexico

7k Metals 7k Wealth Autopilot Some Common FAQ

How may I choose which my members will be placed?

Off course. All newly recruited enrolled teammates will be placed in a "storage cell," which may be found under your “Back Office profile”. You then have 36 hours to decide which team (side) you want your new member to be assigned to.

How would I earn a $500 bonus as an Associate?

You will receive a $500 commission if you have one active policyholder, One registered invitee on the left, and 500 credits for each team every team.

Is it necessary for me to be a member to buy products?

Absolutely not. As a visitor, you can surf anything on the website and buy things you want. As a member, you can enjoy cheaper rates and many more benefits.


7k Metal Wealth Autopilot is an ideal option for people who are seeking long-term or short-term investments. Many people want to invest their cash but can't identify reliable places. There is also a chance to get reference bonuses so associates/affiliates can earn up to $7000 weekly commission cap per week. 7K Metals Wealth Autopilot claims to offer profit-making tactics as well as investment opportunities that will one day remove unpleasant commuting, unfair bosses, and obnoxious coworkers. Finding the correct investment and income options is difficult. In this review, our objective is to cover everything you need to discover about 7K metals, even though certain items maybe we wouldn't know.

Cautions/ Warning

Popularity comes with some consequences. Multiple fraudulent groups sell duplicate or fake coin copies of the 7k Metal Wealth Autopilot. Customers become confused about the coin because it looks like some of the original product and fall victim to such deception. You may see 7k Metal Wealth Autopilot fake coins on Walmart or amazon. Keep avoid them, buy from their official website. Still, there are many chances to get fake coins because of many scammers. You have to option to purchase from them one is their official website we will provide the link below, or you can go to Idaho, CA, USA, at their HQ. If you choose those options can buy a 100% genuine 7k Metal Wealth Autopilot product. So buy from 7k Metal Wealth Autopilot's official website and get the best outcome. And before buying, you can also check 7k Metal Wealth Autopilot's honest reviews from various sources and their affiliate blogs or forums.


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