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Basically, Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that helps to build strong bones. It occurs naturally in very few foods. Most people get enough vitamin d by spending a little time in sunlight each day, but many do not receive enough through their diet alone. As a result, some doctors may recommend supplements for patients at risk for osteoporosis or other health problems related to low levels of vitamin d in their blood.

There are two different types of vitamin d. The first type is vitamin d2, which is formed in plants. The second type is vitamin d3, which is formed in humans when exposed to sunlight. When taken as a supplement, vitamin d works by regulating how much calcium your body absorbs from food. It also helps your body absorb phosphorous and magnesium, both minerals that promote bone growth.


D3 tablets aren’t just any regular vitamin tablet – It is an item by advanced bionutritionals, or bio-naturals. This is nature made vitamin d3. Each D3 tablet contains 5,000 IU of cholecalciferol, which can help you maintain healthy bones and teeth, along with other benefits you might not be aware of! Here’s why you should take it if you aren’t already.


Main ingredients of vitamin d3 5000 IU -

✔ Vitamin D3

✔ Calcium

Other Ingredients Of Nature Made Vitamin D3: Cellulose, stearic acid, croscarmellose sodium, silca, calcium stearate, rice extract, and cellulose coating.

Unfortunately, some brands of vitamin D supplements you can find on the market use vitamin D2, which is a synthetic form of the laboratory-made vitamin. In its natural form, Vitamin D3 is used more easily by your body.

Also, many brands come in doses that are very low. You see, the RDA of vitamin D is only 400 IU. This was the proposed amount 50 years before modern research studies were completed.

These studies show that the optimal dose is 2,000-10,000 IU per day - dozens of times the RDA!

This is also the amount you get from exposure to 15-20 minutes of sunlight in the middle of the day.

Each tablet of Advanced Bioinutrients Vitamin D3 contains 5,000 IU. D3 is excreted naturally. It comes from lanolin tripically found in sheep's wool. Vitamin D3 is made in the USA from ingredients sourced worldwide by Formulation Technology, Inc.


Many people are looking for quality supplements that can help their health, but they aren’t sure where to find them. If you want a pure vitamin D3 supplement, there are a few online companies that I can recommend. One is Advanced Bionutritionals. They offer both vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 supplements which are designed to be used to promote healthy bones. They also include many other ingredients like calcium, Cellulose, stearic acid, croscarmellose sodium, silca, calcium stearate, rice extract, and cellulose coating.

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Vitamin D plays a role in reducing inflammation, boosting brain function, and helping us maintain healthy bones. It’s an essential nutrient that our bodies do not naturally produce. While many people can get their recommended daily intake through diet alone, many others need to supplement to ensure they get enough vitamin D to support their overall health. Nature Made Vitamin D is available in two varieties: one with 5000 IU per serving (Nature Made Vitamin D3 with 5000 IU), which delivers a full 5000 IU daily value, and one for extra strength (Nature Made Vitamin D Extra Strength with 10,000 IU), which provides a whopping 10,000 IU each day! Both are scientifically formulated for premium purity. Whichever choice you make will help keep your body functioning at its best!

Nature Made Vitamin D3 with 5000 IU offers a full 5000 IU daily value, which provides support for healthy bones. That's because calcium is essential to bone health. It's found in dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese and other foods. It can also be absorbed into your system through sunlight. In fact, experts agree that as little as 15 minutes a day outside can help maintain healthy levels of vitamin D3. Another great thing about Nature Made® Vitamin D-3 with 5000 IU is that it’s an odorless supplement—perfect for those who don't like taking pills!


The Advanced Bionutritionals brand costs around $9.95, while Nature Made Vitamins cost around $12. However, a bottle of Nature Made (around $12) only contains 250 IU, while an Advanced Bionutritionals vitamin d3 (also around $9.95) contains 5000 IU. In order to get 1000 IU from a bottle of Nature Made vitamins or 2000 IU from an Advanced Bionutritionals vitamin, you’d have to buy three bottles for a total cost of about $26.85. Overall cost: about $9.95 –$11 per month for enough Vitamin D3 to prevent symptoms.


#1: It can be beneficial to have your vitamin levels checked before taking a vitamin supplement. This will allow you to see whether or not you’re getting enough through your diet, or if there are any deficiencies that may be causing issues.

#2: If you choose to take an over-the-counter supplement such as Vitamin D3, always read what is recommended on the packaging. The directions can vary depending on what is being taken, so knowing how much to consume each day is important when choosing a brand of these supplements.

#3: Always check with your doctor before taking any supplements for nutritional purposes; again, it’s always good to know if there are any underlying issues that might be causing low levels in addition to just changing your diet and lifestyle choices.

If you’re looking for a quick way to increase your energy levels, consider taking a supplement. If done correctly, they can help eliminate deficiencies that may be affecting your body and put you on track for a healthy lifestyle. However, always check with your doctor before taking any nutritional supplements. When used in combination with other health practices such as diet changes and exercise, supplements can have positive effects on many areas of your life.

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