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The Four Percent Group, made by Vick Strizheus, is an internet marketing infrastructure. It is worth several millions of dollars and has members from more than 120 countries. It is one of the greatest influential communities for the modern-day entrepreneur. The affiliate marketing platform is growing at the quickest rate, and members receive their product-based training. The majority of newcomers will feel less overwhelmed and confused as a result of their training.

The e-learning to coach in the FourPercent Group is a sizable and content-driven online ecosystem. The system has many traffic routes and income sources and is the vehicle via which the training gets delivered.

The main objective of Four Percent publications is to provide genuine value by adhering to high editorial standards. These standards have received trust from Vick as well as industry professionals.

The Four Percent Group does not use multi-level marketing or a tiered organizational structure. They provide education on par with the best in the world to aspiring business owners of today. They can do this by adhering to a plan founded on fundamental principles that govern successful behavior.

Over one million people have read the content contained within the Four Percent Group, and it is one of the reasons why the Group has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 in a four percent group review. The Four Percent Group has around 300K registered accounts on its platform, and over one hundred and fifty thousand users have an active account.

Let’s dive deeper into this 4 percent group review to learn more about the platform and how it can benefit you.

Who Is Vick Strizheus?

Since Vick and his teachings are the focal points of the whole program, you're undoubtedly curious about who he is and whether you should put your faith in what he says. As a result, it’s necessary before explaining more about his program, you should know more about him.

The first thing to note is that Vick is, in fact, a genuine person and that he does, in fact, enjoy a good deal of success, as he claims. If you've come across any of them, you've probably been wondering whether he's truly like the genuine thing, which is why you should be clear about it. A lot of the scams that are launched employ bogus identities and actors in their films.

Therefore, it is completely safe to say that he is a genuine article; it is also likely that he has amalgamated a significant fortune from his internet endeavors. It is crucial to point out that he has been involved with some dubious multi-level marketing programs over the years, like Empower Network, despite the fact that he has a lot of experience in the digital marketing industry and therefore knows a lot about it. He has been ruling the industry for quite a long time.

On the contrary, if you need to learn about online marketing, he'd be a pretty good person to learn from. Because judging from the amount of success he's had, it's clear that he knows what he's doing, which suggests that he should have some useful information to share with others.

Different Coaching Levels of Four Percent Review

You will find out after reading my most recent review of Four Percent that you have the option to subscribe to one of four different level packages (basic, silver, Gold, or platinum) and pay either a membership or a lifetime price. This is in place of making a single payment for each product purchased from inside the Four Percent Ecosystem.

Both the silver package and the platinum level are currently unavailable, and the platinum level is only available through special initiation. There is a 5th coaching level called Diamond. However, access to 'Diamond' is restricted to only the most accomplished of masterminds. It becomes open only to those who have been extended a special invitation and paid the approximately $35,000 price tag.

You will find out, further down, that each stage has its own distinct theme as well as its own desired conclusion, which comes with perks. Each level grants access to the one below it as well as other levels.

Basic Level Review

This is the first level of the Training. Anyone can join this level and start learning. This section includes:

  • The so-called "Seven Steps to Freedom."

  • The type of thought held by the top 4%

  • The fundamental building blocks of marketing

  • Accessibility to the Facebook community

  • And More

Silver Level Review

The 'Silver' Level is a basic step wanting to exert full control of your organization. On the other hand, Vick has not allocated any attention to the development of this membership program. Instead, you will have to immediately upgrade your membership to the Gold level.

At first, it was proposed that the 'Silver Level' would have a monthly fee of $25 and an annual fee of $225. On the other hand, Vick could decide to eliminate this level entirely at any point. You'll be able to see the various membership tiers in this section. Once you are there, just press "get started."

Again for "Silver Level," you will most likely get everything that is included in the "Basic Level," in addition to the following perks:

  • Interviews with leading business executives on the Mass Traffic Blueprint

  • A storehouse of many Instruments and Resources

  • The New 4% Interactive Community

  • And More

The Gold Level

The "Gold Level" comes up after that. When you upgrade to the 'Gold Level,' you won't have to worry about feeling overwhelmed or spending money on further training, later on, equipment.

To put it another way, Gold provides you with everything you need to create the company of your dreams and go forward without looking back.

At the 'Gold Level,' you will have access to 'The Hub,' also known as 'E-Stage Gold,' which is your very own personal site brand. Vick claims that if you do not have it, you are homeless. That is, you cannot invite, host or further develop your knowledge and trust factor with the possible leads and consumers you have.

Simply said, your hub on the internet serves as your virtual house. In addition, it is a technology that will assist you in building your website and/or brand with "custom PHP," which includes designs, templates, and funnels available for your use.

A membership at the "Gold Level" formerly costs $250 per month or $2,250 per year. On the other hand, Vick made an AMA lifetime deal at a reduced cost. However, some good news: the price of $997 is even less than that. At this time, it is not accessible to the general public.

For the price of the 'Gold Level,' you will get everything that is included in the 'Silver Level,' in addition to E-Stage and almost every premium product that the Four Percent Group has developed. The following are some examples, although not all of them:

  • Internet Traffic Mastery

  • Conversion Mastery

  • List Building Mastery

  • Tribe Building Mastery

  • Communication Mastery

  • E-Stage Gold

  • Affiliate Marketing Academy

  • And much more

Platinum Level Review

After that, there is a level called "Platinum," which is for those who are pushing their company to the next level. Platinum not only gives them access to the front-end hub (branding for the website), but it also grants them access to a back office that enables them to develop programs, host items, offer Fourpercent courses, and do much more. This advantage is rated by the Four Percent Group as "E-Stage Platinum," which indicates that it is of the highest possible quality.

You not only receive the "E-Stage Platinum" upgrade, but you also get the "Product Licensing" upgrade, which is another extremely renowned improvement. This translates to the point that you will have the ability to pass off "done-for-you" items as your own and pocket the full profit.

As a partner to the whole Four Percent Group ecosystem, you have complete control over everything. Through a program called 'E-Stage Platinum,' you provide your potential consumers and clients with education, technology, and advice in addition to everything else. The “Platinum Level subscription” is priced at $1,000 per month or $9,000 per year.

  • Product Licensing Network

  • Proprietary Apps

  • Four Percent Fitness

  • $1000 Per Day Challenge

  • Platinum ONLY Group Mastermind

What are the Benefits of the Four Percent Program?

Suppose you are a gold tier member or higher. In that case, you get immediate access to the most potent specialized Fourpercent courses offered anywhere – and they are all included along with your subscription. This is true regardless of whether you want to become an expert in Fourpercent best affiliate marketing courses, traffic production, list building, communication, propaganda, e-commerce, or anything else that is important to you.

Live Virtual Events Happening Every Week

In the event that you have had a rough day, need a little boost, or simply learn a new skill that will take your game to a higher level, the Weekly live virtual sessions are just what you need.

These conversations take place every Monday and tremendously encourage those starting their businesses.


The Four Percent have developed their own patented software, which is recommended as the "E-Stage." With this technology, users can build their own professional websites and online brands, construct a wide variety of inventive websites and funnels, and create their own "HUB," which is their home on the internet.

Community of Interactive Entrepreneurs

In addition to the closed-door group on Facebook, 4% of entrepreneurs also have a social network where like-minded business owners can connect, engage in conversation, find new friends, and have a good time.

24/7/365 Live Support

The live chat assistance is beneficial when we need to contact a natural person and get any questions or concerns answered immediately. The most prominent feature is that it is accessible anytime, day or night, 365 days a year.

Who Should Use the Four Percent Program?

If you have no experience, are under stress, are jobless, are on the brink of losing your job, need cash to meet a significant emergency, or are in a similar situation, then the Four Percent Challenge is not for you.

However, this is not the only case. The platform will be perfect for you, if

You Are a Player of Longer Games

People who are interested in appropriately beginning a company are encouraged to participate in the Success Challenge. You will build a talent that will serve you for the rest of your life if you do things the right way.

This line of work calls for perseverance and the performance of routine, day-to-day responsibilities that ultimately lead to satisfying accomplishments.

You Are in a Suitable Condition to Pay for It

If you complain about how pricey the Success Challenge is, it's pretty probable that you won't benefit from participating in it.

You can even continue working at your current job if you don't believe that you'll be able to reap the benefits of well-structured affiliate training over the long term.

However, if you want something badly enough, you can always prepare for it and save money for it.

In any other case, if you're not making progress toward your life's objectives, you'll never ever be able to afford to pay for Fourpercent Affiliate Marketing Academy or AMA.

Can Anyone Really Earn Profit with the Four Percent Group?

To tell you the truth, you can earn money with The Four Percent Challenge, but the sole way to make a profit is to sell the product to other people and get them to commit the same amount of money that you did.

You'll need to adjust your expectations if you're planning on signing up and beginning to make money immediately. Because The Four Percent Challenge is predicated entirely on recruitment, generating income from it will, in all likelihood, require a significant investment of time and effort.

Therefore, the answer is yes; you can earn money from it, but you should not expect it to be anything as simple as you think it would be. It is far more probable that you will end up spending more money than you end up making.

That is, unless you are willing to put in an incredible amount of effort or if you already have a solid foundation in web marketing.

Because, after all, before you even start the ball rolling, you'll be paying around $200 per month in fees simply to retain access to the training and all of the expensive gear you obviously need. This is before you even get the ball rolling.

How Does Four Percent Group Really Work?

You don't find out how The Four Percent Challenge truly works until towards the conclusion of the training, after you've already purchased all of the materials you've been coerced into buying. It turns out that the only way to earn money with The Four Percent Challenge is to simply recruit other people into it. And also get them to purchase all the goods just like you did. However, this information is not revealed to you until the end of the program.

They are trying to sell you products that aren't necessary while you're just getting started, but the person who brought you to them stands to make money anytime you purchase those tools. As said before, these items have been discussed previously. Because everyone participating in The Four Percent Challenge program is essentially earning money at the cost of other people, what they want is for you to spend as much money as you possibly can.

In addition, there are many different kinds of expenses to consider. The cost of The Four Percent Challenge alone may range anywhere from $49 per month to $5,000 per year. In addition, there are costs associated with all of the supplementary resources. And on top of everything else, you are required to pay them an additional $19 every month to have the advantage of selling it to other people.

You could do this if you have an hour or two free each day. Even if you wish to give up all else and devote yourself completely, that level of dedication is acceptable. Making money does not need you to be consistently engaged in labor, and your source of income is consistent and reliable.

Imagine being able to go off for a month and visit locations like Hawaii, Paris, national parks, and other places that most people can only see in their dreams, all while collecting hundreds of little checks ranging from $500 to $2,000 each. It's more like waking up from sleep after seeing a dream.


In general, People enjoy participating in the Four Percent Group evaluations that they have read. Vick constantly appears to be improving or modifying something, particularly his most recent items, this might land you in problems with the Four Percent Group.

In light of this, you should make sure that the things you purchase are his more simplified offerings. At this point, it seems like Affiliate Marketing Academy is the sole product undergoing adjustments, so you should steer clear of that until the latter half of 2020.

Because he is responsible for ensuring that all of his information is accurate and up to date, Vick is constantly adjusting various aspects of his work. This is primarily since many refer to him as the "King of Online Traffic." To keep a reputation of that caliber, you must be abreast of all the most recent developments in marketing strategy.

When seen from a different angle, customers get annoyed when a product is updated or changed regularly. It makes it difficult for newcomers to discover and keep their footing in the game.

Remember that you should never depend on another company or individual to create your company as your company expands. If you cannot make a company that can maintain itself, you do not have a business.

Common FAQ

Who is Four Percent Group For?

The Four Percent primarily targets those new to working online and seeking training and coaching to accelerate their growth.

Vick Strizheus has had great success with Multi-Level Marketing in the past, and the Four Percent program has an intense MLM atmosphere. Consequently, if you like that type of stuff, you'll likely love being a member of Four Percent.

Is There a Discount for the Four Percent Program?

If you join up for Four Percent Gold on an annual rather than monthly basis, you will be able to save money on your membership. The yearly plan is $1997, but paying it down in monthly installments results in a total cost of $3564. You can learn it in any 4 percent group review.

Why Should I Join Four Percent Program?

If you are planning to join in a business and searching for a straightforward path to earn money online, you will probably not get what you are searching for with Four Percent. It's possible that Vick Strizheus would tell you that Fourpercent affiliate marketing is "the simplest money today" and that you can easily "convert your enthusiasm into a 6 or 7-figure company." However, the outcomes of his pupils, or rather the lack of results, seem to suggest that he is wrong.

Is There Any Hidden Cost?

When you purchase any of their items, you will immediately become qualified access to a course that introduces managing an online marketing firm and an overview of the system.

People have previously supplied a comprehensive list of payments, except for the goods that have not yet got reported. You may need to pass a substantial test before making use of the perks and enormous returns that these online fourpercent courses provide.