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Nowadays, people are falling sick frequently due to the food they eat, the lousy routine of sleeping, or the environment, or maybe cause of a weak immune system. Not only adults but also kids and a bit older people, everyone is falling ill or catching varieties of flu, getting a mild stroke, headache, eyesight problems, etc. To get safe from various flu, you can check the Latest Review of Dr. Zelenko Vitamin Z-Flu Gummies. However, we panic when we see our family members in pain or suffering from some illness. And it is not always possible to send them to the hospital in an emergency because of many usual problems, and even the time-consuming is there. In a rush, before taking to the hospital or consulting a doctor, one might end up giving the patient some curing medicines at home that might be expired; we always lack time to check these little things. The question is can expired medicine kill? Absolutely, it can, and it is always sensitive when it comes to medications. So, we now have a medical solution to make everything quicker and a lot less complicated. The Home Doctor book is the perfect solution. If you want to lead a path to perfect health at home itself, get the home medical guide which is an excellent home health guide for you. If you have any concerns regarding the home doctor book, you can always go through the home doctor book reviews, which might clear all your doubts. Or keep reading the following article to get better knowledge about the home doctor book pdf.

What is the Home Doctor Book?

The Home Doctor book is a home medical guide by experienced doctors that teaches people the fundamentals of medicine, including diagnosing and treating health problems. This home health guide is a special how-to manual for ordinary people that can be used in the event that aid is delayed or to treat common illnesses without visiting a doctor. Because specialists created this digital look book, there is less chance of misdiagnosis. The manual provides valuable advice on how to manage the majority of medical issues at home without the assistance of a doctor. In the situation of an emergency, the home doctor book pdf offers useful information, such as how to treat burns or what can be done in the case of convulsions or abrupt abdominal discomfort. It also contains important information on how to stay healthy and avoid future accidents. It also supports having signs of a healthy immune system. This manual intends to encourage individuals to take good care of themselves and instruct them on what to do in case of an injury until help from a professional medical provider can be obtained. Renowned doctors Dr. Maybell Nieves and Rodrigo Alterio, as well as a survivalist and traditional medicine expert Claude Davis, wrote the book.

Who is the Author of the Book Home Doctor?

Three doctors collaborated to create the home doctor book pdf. Dr. Maybell Nieves, a Venezuelan doctor, assisted the country in dealing with a health crisis after the country's economy crashed. She directs the Breast Pathology Unit at the University Hospital of Caracas and is a pioneer in a number of medical procedures that are universally useful. Dr. Rodrigo Alterio is a surgeon who works in the Department of Oncology at UT Southwestern Medical Center. He has provided medical care to Amazon rainforest residents. He has helped remote villages in the wilderness that do not have access to pharmacies or medical professionals. Claude Davis, a traditional medicine expert, believes that ancient cures were just as effective as those used today. During Venezuela's health crisis, he helped thousands of people and taught them how to deal with a variety of medical issues on their own.

Is the guide suitable for all ages?

Many of these protocols and procedures are designed to be self-applied, so medical intervention is not always required. They become crucial in situations where the medical system is compromised, such as prolonged blackouts. Some of these methods are detailed below. It becomes clear as you read them why they are so valuable and why every home and family should have a copy of the home doctor book by dr maybell nieves.

How Does the Home Doctor Book Work?

When immediate medical assistance is unavailable, the home doctor book pdf information can help people care for themselves and their loved ones. This simple manual has been divided into several categories for easy reading and navigation in stressful situations. This home health guide will act like a book of home remedies for common people. The home medical guide is packed with images, charts, diagrams, and bullet points to help you understand the material quickly. The manual includes a list of necessary medical supplies that you should always have on hand. These include medical supplies, topical treatments, and over-the-counter medications, in addition to treating many common ills. You will also learn about useful substitutes for the most commonly prescribed drugs.

The guide also goes over what you should do before calling for help and the signs of a heart attack. As a result, the patient's chances of survival before help arrives will improve. The dangers of taking expired medications are also emphasized, as is the need to stock up on antibiotics, grow natural pain relievers in your backyard, and deal with respiratory and stroke emergencies. You can also learn how to boost your immunity. However, there are procedures to follow for tending to wounds, preventing tooth decay, nighttime sleep hygiene tips, and so on.

What is inside the Home Doctor Book package?

The home book doctor provides a variety of simple, effective first-aid techniques. It provides you with all of the information you need to choose between self-treatment and medical assistance. The authors wrote this manual for those who enjoy caring for their families and friends. The information in this home medical guidebook will teach you how to deal with an emergency without calling for assistance. This practical guide, written by experienced doctors and survivalists, will help you if there isn't a hospital, pharmacy, or doctor nearby. This manual is intended for those who want to be more self-sufficient and prepared. Some get too sick taking expired antibiotics as well, but following this guide, you can learn which medicines to take and avoid during an emergency. The main topics covered in the home doctor book pdf are as follows.

The ten essential medical supplies for every home

These materials should not be difficult to obtain and are relatively inexpensive, but they frequently run out. If you didn't know, China and India would provide the vast majority of the medical equipment and medications we take for granted. This supply network is frail and vulnerable to disruption from events such as EMPs. One of the ten supplies you should have on hand is naproxen, an over-the-counter pain reliever that is more potent than others, like ibuprofen.

What to do if you have a sudden heart attack?

Consider its various distinct symptoms: first, a pressure-like chest ache in the center of your chest, fullness, or discomfort. The second symptom is pain or discomfort in your back, neck, jaw, stomach, and one or both arms. The third symptom is shortness of breath. Cold sweats, nausea, or lightheadedness are the last things you should look out for. Even if they don't all appear at once, you should call 911 if you see even one or two. Additionally, what you can do is, before the ambulance arrives, take aspirin and place a nitroglycerin vial under your tongue to increase your chances. But you must have these two things ready in advance.

The most common mistakes in a blackout

In Venezuela, electricity has become a scarce and unreliable resource. They don't always have it, and blackouts have become commonplace in everyday life. In the Home Doctor book pdf, you can learn more about the significant medical mistakes you can make during a blackout and what to do with critical medications like Humira and insulin.

About expired medicines

The vast majority of medications in your medicine cabinet are safe to take years after their expiration dates; which medications are safe to take after their expiration dates and which are not? Dr. Maybell and other doctors witnessed this firsthand, and it will almost certainly surprise you. So, before you throw away your ostensibly "expired" medication, carefully read the chapter.

Why you should stockpile only four Antibiotics?

Today's antibiotics save lives. Without them, a minor cut infection can quickly turn fatal, and a common cold can quickly become a deadly pneumonia case. As a result, you may decide to stockpile four different antibiotics. Bacteria could be able to fight one of them, but there is very little chance that it will be able to resist all four because they each contain distinctive chemicals that have quite different effects. Antibiotics will be invaluable in times of need once they become scarce. These four items are just as essential to have on hand for you and your family as food. However, you should never take them without first consulting a doctor.

An inventive storage method for prescription medications including insulin

The author of the book explains how to deal with medication shortages, such as insulin, which some patients require daily. They discovered this from a friend's workaround and can now get all his daily insulin needs and extra to stockpile. His clever strategy is entirely legal and safe. The author suggests you could use it right away, not only for insulin but also for a number of other medications that are notoriously difficult to stockpile.

The effective natural painkiller is grown in your backyard

You will also discover the best natural pain reliever, which most likely grows in your backyard. Many people turned to this plant for pain relief after running out of options at the pharmacy. It also grows throughout North America.

How to recognize a stroke quickly?

When it comes to stroke treatment, time is of the essence and every second counts. Most of the time, if you act quickly, your body can fully recover. Instead, many people suffer from adverse effects such as partial paralysis. You can learn it from the guide, quickly see it inside the Home Doctor book, and learn what you should do right away to improve your chances.

What happens if you use the incorrect probiotics?

Furthermore, the home doctor book pdf will show you the only probiotics that you should keep in your medical cabinet. Probiotics are microorganisms that live in your digestive tract and have an impact on your metabolism and overall health. They may result in allergic reactions. You don't want to take the wrong probiotics and risk disrupting your gut flora due to their widespread effects. I know people who took subpar probiotics and gained a lot of weight. A good probiotic, on the other hand, can make all the difference: it can improve digestion, help with gas removal, increase the absorption of healthy nutrients from meals, and treat both diarrhea and constipation. However, to understand better, you can go through the Aktiv Daily Probiotic Review.

A quick home treatment for the flu and other respiratory problems

Many people who get the flu during flu season end up in hospitals, coughing up their lungs and running a fever. So, if going to the hospital is out of the question, one of the factors you can discover from the home medical guide is a simple routine for dealing with it at home.

The one-minute stretch that eases back and neck pain

You will discover how to deal with back problems. The author states, "I used to wake up with a hunchback and struggle to walk to the bathroom until I discovered this one-minute stretching routine. And it usually took me a few hours to get back to normal." You should learn this simple technique if this sounds even remotely familiar to you.

The overlooked symptom that could indicate internal inflammation

A few little-known physical indicators can tell you if your body is now exhibiting hidden inflammation.

How to conduct a full breast exam at home

Any woman should be able to detect problems with her breasts. The sooner you learn about anything, the easier your recovery will be. The home doctor book by dr maybell nieves provides you with a clear set of illustrations and directions to help you relax. Dr. Maybell refined this approach during his two years at the prestigious European Institute of Oncology.

A natural antibiotic salve recipe to have on hand

When you need antibiotic ointment, keep some on hand. The recipe in the Home Doctor book helps keep a wound from becoming infected. It's helpful to keep antibiotic ointment on hand in case of an emergency. The recipe featured in the Home Doctor guide helps to prevent infection spread and scarring.

How to treat toothaches when it is difficult to visit the dentist

Have you ever had a severe toothache that wouldn't go away? You might want to find a way to treat a tooth infection properly because it can quickly become painful.

An incisive eggshell remedy and 25 other treatments made from commonly discarded items

The home doctor book will also demonstrate 25 treatments that you can make from everyday items. What is garbage to one person may be a treasure to another. For example, you can make calcium pills from eggshells that you would normally throw away, which will come in handy during emergencies or when food is scarce.

Find the proper way to determine whether an Arrhythmia is safe or worrisome

Physical activity, stress, and sleep cause slight heart rate changes and rhythm. However, an arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat, can be a severe problem and can result in cardiac arrest and stroke if left untreated. When to dial 911 is determined by looking for signs of serious arrhythmia, which never appear in lesser types. Minor chest pain, dizziness, lightheadedness, near fainting, and shortness of breath are among them. Call an ambulance right once if you experience at least one of these signs and feel as though your heart is beating too rapidly or too slowly.

Methods to remove an ingrown nail

Additionally, you will learn how to get an ingrown nail out. If you don't get rid of an ingrown nail, it can lead to a dangerous infection in an area where access to medical care is complicated.

What to look for if you have abdominal pain

The book home doctor will also demonstrate what you should do if you have abdominal pain. The procedure is known as an abdominal evaluation, and you have probably already had one done when visiting the doctor for a checkup. You will find a detailed representation of the abdomen with nine regions inside the Home Doctor, which, when palpated, should make it clear where the issue is.

What doctors do to maintain their immunity

You will also learn how to keep your immune system strong. You may learn what doctors do to keep their immune systems strong after coming into contact with sick people, as well as what you can do at home to safeguard your family. However, to learn more about the immune system, you can visit the Review of the immune system.

Are your migraines a symptom of something more serious?

You will discover the two most common types of migraines and the simple but critical steps you must take to determine which type you have and how to treat it. You must read this chapter, especially if it is recurring, such as once a month. This could also be a sign of something serious.

Always keep Listerine in your medicine cabinet

The home medical guide will also explain why keeping a small supply of Listerine in your medicine cabinet is a good idea. Listerine's first formulation, developed in 1879, was intended to be a surgical antiseptic. It was named after Joseph Lister, a well-known British physician who is widely regarded as the father of antisepsis, or the science of avoiding infections. Listerine was commonly used in Venezuelan hospitals to treat wounds, gangrene, diabetic foot, and various bacterial and fungal illnesses.

Inflammation Cabbage Wraps

Cabbage leaves have anti-inflammatory properties and contain compounds that can draw out poison or pus from a wound, speeding up healing.

Benefits of the Home Doctor Book

Users of this helpful resource stand to benefit significantly from it, including:

  • It aids in the saving of lives when immediate medical care is unavailable.

  • Assists your family in remaining self-sufficient and capable of making decisions in case of an accident or illness until medical help arrives.

  • Educate you on home remedies for future health problems such as high blood pressure.

  • Teaches you how to manage medical situations at home until professional help arrives, and this assists you in keeping your family safe.

  • It contains instructions for natural diabetic management, treating common ailments, improving personal hygiene, and purifying water.

  • The step-by-step instructions and sketches on how to perform simple repairs highlight this home doctor manual.

  • You learn how to treat burns, mend wounds, and realign fractured bones.

  • The manual also includes instructions for assembling a medical kit for your protection and suggestions for the components you should include.

  • The Home Doctor demonstrates how to use herbal medicines to treat common ailments.

  • It also includes instructions for making fire without lighters or matches, recipes for treating bee stings, and the best ways to treat common cold and flu symptoms.

  • The descriptions of all the symptoms for each condition in the guide include all of them.

  • As you are aware of the conditions you are dealing with before treating yourself, you can avoid ineffective care and misdiagnosis.

  • It has a 60-day money-back guarantee, which is why it is safe to try the guide.

  • It allows you to save money on medical bills by demonstrating how to treat common accidents and diseases at home naturally.

  • It is printed in the USA.

What are the bonuses in the Home Doctor Book?

It also includes two bonus guides with helpful information on practical medicine.

Bonus 1

Common wild foods that can be found. This additional guide will teach you more about the common wild herbs used by Venezuelans. During the economic downturn, people across the country turned to these plants to meet their nutritional needs. These herbs are widely available, and you have probably used them before.

Bonus 2

Native American natural healing secrets: This second supplementary resource discusses Native American natural remedies. It emphasizes the use of botanical treatments in traditional Native American medicine. You will learn how they handled common medical issues in the past. The plants and herbs listed in the extra guide are easy to find. Learn how to identify plants so that you can use them to treat your body safely, healthily, and efficiently.

How to Buy?

The home doctor book is reasonably priced because of the useful information provided to readers. Both physical and digital versions are available for your comfort. You have the option to select the format that most closely matches your needs. Get the digital version, which is currently $37, for quick access. The print and digital versions are both $37 when purchased together. A small shipping charge would be added. You have a full two months to test out the practical medicine book and its contents. You can absolutely get a full refund if you feel unsatisfied with your purchase by getting in touch with customer support. To initiate the refund process, go to the official website and follow the requirements.


Even all of that is only scratching the surface of what the Home Doctor has to offer. This massive book contains over 300 pages of useful advice, detailed illustrations, and detailed instructions that may assist you in staying healthy and helping those in need. You can learn to be your own house doctor with the Home Doctor book. Home doctors are self-sufficient individuals who can care for themselves and their families when necessary. The goal of this book was to empower ordinary people to care for themselves, their loved ones, and even their communities when doctors and hospitals are no longer available. We all have to deal with medical emergencies on our own at times, no matter where we live. For example, not everyone had access to medical facilities during the lockdown.

As a result, insight is critical to have knowledge of the fundamentals of practical medicine so that you can act appropriately before seeking professional help. You can avoid a casualty if you are aware of the procedures that must be followed. Every home should have a copy of the Home Doctor book, a useful medical reference. This resource is convenient and packed with the information you need to deal with a wide range of medical diseases, health issues, and emergencies. This program, which can be downloaded instantly to a phone or laptop, is accessible to anyone. The best feature is that the product's creators offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. This implies that following this advice has nothing to lose.


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