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We may always have heard the phrase, "Spend money to make money." People may fail to comprehend how or why you invest so much money in a particular project. This is a terrific way to get them to stop bothering you. It is a proverb that has a lot of merits. You must pay for the consultation as it is part of a program designed to assist people in earning more money than they currently do during their pay cycles. Dr. Steve G Jones, the author of this smart business solution, Total Money Magnetism, is compensated for the appointment. According to Forbes, Dr Steve G Jones bills producers, performers, high-ranking executives, and directors about $25,000 for a two-hour session. These elite individuals must have detected something incredible in his neuroscience books related to universal business solutions and how to make money much more accessible. It is said that ideas are objects. The converse is also true: negative people will draw to you if you are negative. To claim the millionaire status in your life, you must have the right mindset.

How our brain acts

What do you believe to be the primary distinction between a rich and poor person? If you said "mindset," you are right. It is clear since every action is fueled by an idea, which naturally arises from our brain. Even though we desire to end scarcity, our subconscious minds are afraid of change because of how our brains are constructed. The most potent organ in your body is your brain. You can achieve your goals if you think appropriately. Because they believe in success, wealthy people appear to get richer daily.

On the other hand, poor individuals appear to continue to live in poverty. Yes, since they only see themselves in that light. But it's not their fault. Humans are resistant to change, which explains why you frequently revert to your old habits after experimenting with new ways of thinking. You can check The BioEnergy Code Program Honest Review to discover more about inner peace and learn more about new ways of thinking. Despite your poverty, you are still living. Our subconscious mind develops a survival instinct as a result of our family, friends, or surroundings, which protects us from any danger, anything new, including new opportunities and new ideas.

How is our brain connected to total money magnetism?

Our brain perceives risks as being everywhere, so it works to protect us. Our brain believes that, even if we are poor, we are at least alive, so it interprets chances as risks in order to keep us living the same old lives. Our brains are wired to operate under the survival instinct of scarcity, which is why we can't bridge the gap between us and the wealthy. Unlike the rest of us, rich people have all the neurological pathways and mental training required to attract success and prosperity. Therefore, in order to succeed and have financial freedom, we must alter the attitude that emerges from our subconscious. And this is what this program's total money magnetism concentrates on, as opposed to many other programs that concentrate on the root of the issue.

What is total money magnetism?

The principle behind the total money magnetism program is to demand your way of thinking to increase your success in whatever it is that you choose to achieve. This is an evergreen business solution if you are struggling financially or have lost a clue about how to make money and solve all your problems. According to Dr Steve G Jones, most people's mentality is what prevents them from achieving the financial success they deserve. In terms of the quantity of labor they do, perhaps no longer. Many of us would be multimillionaires if we were paid for the amount of rigorous work we put into something. But it involves more than just working hard and showing up every day to punch a clock.

According to Dr Steve G Jones, success is an attitude, and his Total Money Magnetism program is a progressive business solution to help you develop the proper frame of mind. The general idea is quite straightforward. You won't need any business solution partners or advisers to help you with any decision. This incredible concept of total money magnetism is just another business development solution for you. It differs from any business solution group but is mostly like business solution consulting. You can skip looking for a business solution consultant as Dr. Jones's theory will act like he is helping you like a business solution consultant. Whatever financial solutions you need or are suffering from can rely on his total money magnetism program. Even if it is a mobile business solution, you will get all your answers here.

Goal of total money magnetism program

It is a program designed by renowned hypnotherapist Dr. Steve Jones to shift a person's perspective from one of persistent failure to one of constant success. The goal of Dr. Jones' technique is to get the person reading or listening to realize that their perspective is holding them back from doing as much as they can. There are several books and audiobooks in the program. Dr. Jones strives to instill in you the confidence you need to succeed in any business or endeavor as he walks you through his six basics of cash magnetism step by step. Most people don't believe they are deserving of the money. It's a subconscious notion. Total Money Magnetism instructs you to alter your line of thinking and to accept the idea that you are just as deserving of wealth as everyone else.

Who is the owner of total money magnetism?

Dr. Steve G. Jones is the owner of the Total Money Magnetism program, which he developed based on his experience. He, like us, was not born a millionaire; his family suffered from various financial difficulties. As a result, the idea that "money is hard to come by" was permanently implanted in his mind. But just as he was about to file for bankruptcy, he met Dan (his friend), who asked him to listen to the audio. Suddenly something changed in Steve after hearing that audio.

Things began to make sense, and new opportunities became apparent; he earned over $50K weekly. It wasn't normal, and Steve knew it was because of the audio Dan made him listen to; because that audio didn't take long to produce results, the change began immediately. Of course, this was not normal, so Steve spent a few years researching and learning, and he discovered the pathway that transforms a poor person's brain into a rich brain. Dr. Steve is now a leading Clinical Hypnotherapist, celebrity success coach, and self-made multimillionaire. We all have ideas about the clinical hypnotherapist salary, which is a lot. He has also been featured in Forbes, People, CNN, NBC, CBS, and many other publications.


Who can follow total money magnetism?

This product has everyone in mind. Any gender, age, or young females/males or whoever. Dr. Jones claims that the idea can be applied to just about everybody. There isn't any technical information you need to be aware of prior to enrolling in this program. No previously desired abilities are unique to the curriculum, and it is a diverse product that would appeal to just about everybody in that regard. The only genuine requirement is a conversational understanding of English because it is also quite convenient to grasp. So that you can have an idea of what is being said and how what is being discussed works; even then, if necessary, you may find it translated into your language.

How does total money magnetism work?

The total money magnetism program is based on the concept of reprogramming your brain through hypnosis. It's a scientifically proven six-step system that automatically reshapes your brain into a millionaire's brain. The six strategies in this program will assist you in discarding the negative mindset and embracing a successful life. Many people believe that once we reach a certain age, our brain ceases to change, and all mental programming and neural pathways become concrete. This is entirely false; over 40 years of neuroscience research have shown that you can reprogram your brain at any age. And this program will assist you in reprogramming the part of your brain that is associated with wealth and money.

Total money magnetism will permanently replace your brain with the brain of a wealthy person, not only neurologically but also emotionally, psychologically, and mentally, which can give anyone the mental capacity, drive, and neural power of a millionaire. This total money magnetism program will guide you on your journey to automatically becoming a powerful magnet that attracts wealth and success. It will show you what actions to take, what mindset to adopt, and how to replace all negative and toxic thoughts and beliefs.

What total money magnetism features?

Let us look at some of the unique features of the Total Money Magnetism Product.

Millionaire Brain Audio Program in Six Steps

This is a critical component of the Total Money Magnetism system. Dr. Jones' six-step device can help you rewire your brain and start thinking and seeing the world like a millionaire. Before you can clearly be a millionaire, you must first see yourself as one. That does not imply driving flashy cars or wearing $100,000 watches. That is not the mindset of a millionaire. That is childish narcissism. The mindset and steps to get there are about believing you can achieve your goals and changing your mindset to see threats as opportunities rather than roadblocks.

The Millionaire's Mindset

Another program expansion. This one explains why millionaires, and successful people in general, have a superior mental outlook than most of us. There is a reason why most people who achieve high levels of success are willing to take risks. Willing to stake everything on a hunch and make a fortune as a result. These people are abundant in recent records. People who bought bitcoins for pennies in 2011 or obtained from real estate in early 2008. It takes research and a positive attitude to get things done, and this book delves into it.

Three Quick Ways to Make Millions Online

This is an added bonus to the $47 greenback package. It contains a few intriguing methods for making money online. This add-on now doesn't cover a lot of new ground.

Amazing Self-Experience

You will also receive a free trial in the exclusive member area when you purchase the introductory book or audiobook. The member's area is brimming with additional content material for you to enjoy. It does cost more to remain a member after your trial period has expired. However, you are threatened with taking a look at the perks and deciding whether or not you want to pay for them. If not, you can cancel before your trial period expires and not worry about it. You will have to decide for yourself whether or not it is something of value to you.


The Total Money Magnetism application has excellent customer support. You can contact their fairly responsive electronic mail support device if you have any problems. The best piece of assistance, however, is their 60-day money-back guarantee. It's excellent. If you are not satisfied with the product, they will refund your money with no questions asked. It's nice to see this for any online purchase.

Money-back guarantee for 60 days

One of the excellent features that any product should have. But this is especially true for a subjective product like this. Some people will despise this product. Some people will adore it. But, regardless of how I feel about it, it would be difficult for me to recommend it to everyone without a money-back guarantee. There is a desire for some kind of safety mechanism for the humans who will dislike it. They must offer a free trial or starter membership and a money-back guarantee.

What does this eBook contain?

This eBook is the main product of this program; in it, Dr Steve G Jones discusses hypnosis, mindset fundamentals that everyone should have, and much more. In this eBook, he essentially explains how to become a millionaire. There are four main classifications, which are as follows:

  • The first part is about hypnosis: In this section, Dr. Steve explains how his hypnosis audio tracks work while also providing scientific evidence. The hypnotised mind can actually work; learn more from the book.

  • Part two discusses the five fundamentals of ultimate money magnetism, which begin to replace your thoughts and improve your money magnetism. It discusses how to overcome fear and provides insight into the mind of a millionaire.

  • Part three is about the ultra-10 wealthy's secret success principles, and Dr. Steve discusses how and what millionaires do to use their mindset to become wealthy.

  • The final section of total money magnetism is about How you get the most out of your wealth. It summarizes everything and explains how to keep and increase your wealth.

What are the six audio tracks for?

You can listen to this audiobook, which is a version of the book Total Money Magnetism while performing any task. Depending on your preference, you can download and listen to each chapter separately or all at once. However, the total money magnetism program has six hypnosis audio tracks designed to rewire your brain so that you can think like a millionaire. They must be listened to in conjunction with the eBook to get the most out of it. These are the six audio tracks:

  • Getting rid of the fear of failure.

  • Finding abundance..

  • Brain programming for your millionaire.

  • Millionaire success techniques.

  • Creating passive income.

  • Getting rid of the fear of success.

Pros and Cons

Nearly everything now we know about the Total Money Magnetism method, so it's time to learn its advantages and disadvantages. Let's look at this program's advantages and disadvantages.


  • Everything offered in this method has been verified by science and is heavily centered on conditioning the brain to get excellent results.

  • The program is accessible in PDF format at any time and from any location.

  • This program advertises that you can see benefits from utilizing it within a few weeks (proven).

  • It simply takes a few minutes to complete the exercises in the Total Money Magnetism program, which is also quite simple to understand.


  • Although having a PDF version available is nice, it might not be very pleasant, especially if you want to bookmark a specific column. However, you may fix this problem by just printing it.

  • While this program offers excellent guidance and wealth-building techniques, your ability to achieve financial success ultimately rests on how strongly you hold this belief.


Dr. Steve experienced scarcity firsthand. While he is aware that things can be challenging at times, he also wants to reach as many people as possible. The entire program costs $47, and there is no risk involved because of the unconditional satisfaction guarantee.

Refund Policy

If you aren't completely pleased with your transaction, you can simply email the company within 60 days of your purchase to request a full refund because a 60-day money-back guarantee covers your order.


Let's discuss how utilizing the total money magnetism program could be helpful. It could be an evergreen business solution program for you if you want it to be. Sincerely, if you've tried any of the other programs that are comparable to this one. You will see that they depend on your commitment; if you're not committed enough, the Total Money Magnetism program will be the same. If you don't obtain good results, you might declare it to be a scam. But if you work hard, you can get results right away. Your mindset is important to the success of this program. This program strongly depends on how you think, and how your brain is capable of thinking. The program's materials will help you think differently, like hypnotized, but it strongly depends on your mindset. To become wealthy, one's mind also should think the same way! However, you can also check Simple System Access Honest Review if you want another method to learn how to make big bucks!


What exactly is total money magnetism?

It is a program created by Dr. Steve Jones, a well-known hypnotherapist, to shift someone's mindset from one of constant failure to one of constant success.

Is total money magnetism a scam?

No, it is not a scam. Dr. Steve has incorporated all of his knowledge into this curriculum in a well-organized manner after years of study and discovery. This program's success is dependent on your mindset.

What does the video consist of?

It contains numerous interviews with real-life millionaires that will help you get started on your journey. However, there is another bonus video course in which multimillionaire Mark Ling teaches you how to make money on the internet.

Is it worth the price?

Given that this is a review, I would be negligent to omit to express my viewpoint. According to the reviews, this item is quite worthwhile. The money-back-guarantee is one of the main reasons I can say so with certainty.

Is the program available for everyone?

This program exists to assist people. The only drawback is that it is only available online, so it may not be available to everyone who requires the information.

Is there any support system?

Yes, this application has excellent customer support. You can contact their fairly responsive electronic mail support device if you have any problems.

Who is total money magnetism program for?

Anyone can use this program.

What is the price?

For this product, the simple price is $47. It is reasonable for what you would expect to pay for something with this much content.

Is there any refund policy?

When you order, you will receive some upsells and promotions, but for the most part, it is well worth the price. If you don't like it, you can get a refund.

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