We Offer 3 Pet Benefits Solutions

Pin Paws

✔ Pin Paws your all-in-one notification and information retrieval system that was fully designed for loyal and loving pet owners

✔ We Help Bring Them Home

✔ 24/7 Pet Health Management

✔ 24/7 Lost Notification System

✔ Easily store your contact information

✔ Store your pets veterinarians' contact

✔ Store medical conditions, allergies, medications, or food preferences

✔ Record and keep track of your pet's vaccination dates.

✔ Upload, organize, and share your pet's records.

✔ Print a pre-design poster with your info in case of a loss.

✔ Keep track of your pet's insurance carrier info.

✔ Keep track of your pet's city registration info.

✔ Innovative pet tag.

✔ Scan, type, or call capabilities.

✔ Sms notification with GPS location.

Pin Paws Plus

✔ Pin Paws Plus, A bundled discount pet membership covering all pets in the home for one price

✔ All the benefits of Pin Paws plan + more

✔ 24/7 pet health management & lost notification system

✔ 24/7 pet telehealth: call - email -chat

✔ Discount Rx & preventatives

✔ Discount pet medications & supplies

✔ Pet-centric savings

✔ Furbaby savings at the clicks of a paw

✔ Unlimited use for all pets in the home

✔ Pick up locally or have them delivered

✔ 60,000+ independents nationwide suppliers

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Pin Paws Pet Care

✔ Should your pet have a serious accident or ever get sick, Pin Paws' comprehensive pet insurance plans are always here for you.

✔ All the benefits of Pin Paws Plus plan + more

✔ Pin paws pet care have the health coverage for your family furry

✔ Flexible, customizable plans2

✔ Coverage for all ages of cats and dogs for breeds!

✔ Use any licensed vet facility

✔ No initial exam/past vet notes required!

✔ Accident coverage starts at midnight!

✔ Customizable deductible and out-of-pocket max!

✔ Multi-channel support options

✔ Top-quality customer service

✔ Annual max payouts as opposed to per incident!

✔ Choose your reimbursement percentage!

✔ Multiple value-added benefits included!

✔ Routine care options are available with customized plans!

Pin Paws Petcare is available in all 50 states!