This remarkable advanced bionutritional formula helps to fight occasional sleeplessness. It make you calm your mind and helps to support your natural body rhythms. Pure Sleep Formula features Honokiol and an extract from magnolia bark. Honokiol helps to raise GABA levels in the brain. GABA is one of the brain chemical that helps to act like the "brakes" on your brain. It helps slow down your racing mind which makes you feel anxious and stressed at night. Traditional Chinese Medicine has used honokiol for 2000 years to help with stress and occasional anxiousness.

Along with honokiol, Advanced Pure Sleep Formula features 17 other ingredients to help support healthy sleep.

✔ An Exclusive Blend of Traditional Chinese Herbs

✔ Sleep Soundly for Life

✔ White Peony Root

✔ Polygonum Vine Stem

✔ Sweetflag Rhizome Extract

✔ Red Sage Root

✔ Sacred Lotus Seed Sprout

✔ Chinese Date Seed

✔ Mimosa Tree Bark