Smooth & Juicy Recipes


Smooth & Juicy Recipes To Look Great And Feel Amazing!

Green Smoothies, Fruit Smoothies, Super Shakes, Dessert Smoothies, Fruit Juices, Veggie Juices, Mixed Juices, Tonics, And Teas. The Immunity Boosters, System Cleansers, Skin Improvers, Vitamin C Bombs, And More. Smooth & Juicy Is Your Perfect Companion If.

.. You Want New Smoothie Recipes

.. You Want New Juicing Inspiration

.. You Want To Invest In Yourself

.. You Wish To Improve Your Health

.. You Seek Alternatives To Dairy Milkshakes

.. You Want To Give Your Body A Bit Of A Cleanse

.. You Wish To Boost Your Immune System

.. You Want To Lose Weight

.. You Want Healthy Chocolate Indulgence Alternatives

.. You Wish To Increase Your Energy

.. You Want Cocktails That Actually Have Some Benefits

.. You Simply Want To Feel Good And Look Great

Smooth & Juicy Fulfils All These Wants And Wishes

84 Color Pages PDF format