TAC Drone Pro Quadcopter Dual 4K HD Camera

The well-designed Tac Drone Pro has been described as a drone for people who try new things and enjoy them. You can control the Tac Drone in a variety of ways with just the press of a button, including zipping, rolling, and spinning.

Make the flight easier with Tac Drone Pro

As i told you that Tac Drone Pro is a well-engineered drone designed for anyone looking for a new experience. That's why they have included a one-key takeoff and landing system that makes it responsive for every order. It can rotate for minutes, rotate back and forth, rotate or zip instantly at the touch of a button. Or if you want you can also flip the 360-degree without breaking a sweat. After all, it has a compact, foldable propeller that makes the Tac Drone Pro a reliable companion to your outdoor activities.

Also, the powerful LED lights let you fly at night for more stunning views or fun ‘recon’ missions with friends.

Tac Drone Pro Features

Tac Drone has a lots of unique features that make it an easy solution for taking high-quality pictures and videos. Below are the

most important features that anyone using a drone will enjoy.

Takes photos up to 12 MP and 4K HD camera records crystals clears video at 120 fps

Intelligent mode helps you to find the right direction and landing

It has a gravity sensor that automatically detects obstacles and avoids collisions

Compact and foldable propeller saves space and is easy to carry.

Wi-Fi FPV lets you view real-time aerial photos and videos from your phone

4K Dual HD Camera

Tac Drone equipped with modern photography technology, mainly HD Duel 4K camera. That helps you to take best professional or family photos anytime and anywhere. With this type of camera, you can take impressive pictures and make the best videos of any event.

Tired of losing your videos and images?

The Tac Drone Pro Quadcopter was built for this purpose. Use your phone to control this.

Compact and portable

If you are find something small but powerful, look no further. The tac drone is the right choice, it is so small enough to fit in your jacket pocket even in a small backpack pocket. It features foldable blades, which makes it compact and easy to carry. This means that easily fill with other things without losing a lot of space.

Long Battery Life

Sometimes it takes longer to take photos and videos, and the drone may not work as expected. That's why the Tac Drone is designed with a powerful battery that lasts for long periods of time. Tac Drone can fly up to 15 minutes without landing or recharging.

Light weight

If you have to go far from your location to take photos or make videos, you don't want to carry a large or heavy drone ever. Following with this reason Tac Drone comes in handy. The Tac Drone is small in size, but also light in weight for easy portability. The light weight also ensures that it lasts longer and can fly more easily without heating up.

Gravity Sensors

In the past, drones were known to crash into objects like mountains or walls, but not anymore. Tac drone pro have a gravity sensor that can detect an obstacle from a distance and automatically avoid crashing into such obstacles. This ensures that your drone will also be long lasting and will not be damaged.

Easy to set it up

To ensure that everyone can use the Tac Drone, the manufacturers have made it easy to set up and use. You can take off and land with a single push of button. Its high-quality camera makes it ideal for both experienced and professional drone users.

360 degree rotation

When using a tac drone, you can take pictures and videos from any angle. That's what makes it so great for photography. You can capture objects from different angles, making it possible to capture videos or take pictures that would otherwise be impossible to capture.

Wide range

Tac drones cover distances up to 100 meters. This allows you to take more diverse photos and create videos that cover a wide range of opportunities in as little time as possible. It will go a long way in making your work more fun, faster and easier.


The materials used to make tac drones are light. However, it is made from durable material which makes it durable. In addition to durability, the material also gives it an attractive look that combines style, beauty and energy for the perfect photography experience.

High Speed

For its body size and price the Tac Drone Pro is one of the fastest drones right now in the market. It speeds up to 15ft per second.

Why customers are going crazy with Tac Drone Pro

They have designed the Tac Drone Pro the latest dual 4K HD camera for stunning aerial photos and videos that will envy your friends. And since it comes with WiFi FPV technology, you can virtually see the landscape below you as if you were flying an airplane.

Simply put, the Tac Drone Pro gives you the freedom to pursue a hobby that not only allows you to be creative, makes new friends and spend more time with your family, but also opens up new opportunities to make money in photography, movies. And advertising! Also, with an amazing 50% discount.

  • Covers up to 100 meters.

  • One of the fastest drones speed up to 15 feet per second

  • Flight time up to 15 minutes

  • Multiple remote control options, including mobile phones

  • Convenient USB charging port

Important Note: TAC Drone Pro is available only in Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Intelligent Headless-mode Technology

"Intelligent Headless Mode" lets you fly your drone as if you were actually inside it - even if you are brand new. Now, you can save many hours and effort required to operate your drone like a professional pilot. Take it out of the box, assemble, power up and launch! With Intelligent Headless Mode, flying your drone will be more fun and stress-free.

60 Day Guarantee

This affordable drone comes with a 60 day warranty from their official website only. This means you can buy it and use it for 60 days and if there is a problem with it you can refund it in full or for a replacement. If you do this, no questions will be asked, so you are buying the drone without any risk